Most likely the worst guess in Wheel of Fortune history is this one

losses. You would want everyone to watch the show if you were the contest winner or even if you just did okay. A participant who personally experienced the latter scenario would prefer not to have the program again. What then do you do in these situations? Should you giggle or cover your face in shame?

The Worst Error on the Wheel of Fortune

It does offer a good deal of amusement for the audience, regardless of how a contender manages to handle it. Matt, a Wheel of Fortune competitor, just committed what was likely the biggest error in the program’s history. In this specific episode, Matt’s entire performance was actually very intricate. In case you missed it, he was the ultimate victor and took home $23,350, so he probably doesn’t feel too dreadful about his terrible mistake in this episode.

That kind of terrible mistake, though, frequently overshadows everything else in an episode. The objective of the round in question was for the three competitors to solve a word problem as quickly as feasible. There were three words in the puzzle, and the category was “people.” Participants have two options: they can attempt to predict the entire sentence or just one letter. Regarding Matt, he inquired as to whether the letter “N” was included in the sentence. It was, and here is how the problem appeared: TH_ – N_ T – _ N _ R _ T _ _ N

It took him a moment to figure out what the term may be. To the amazement of everybody, he responded with a word that had no “N.” “The Best Buttercut,” he declared. Though its exact meaning is unknown, Buttercut’s statement clearly did not fit the jigsaw! THE NEXT GENERATION was the chosen response. Here is where you can view the funny error:

Other Errors That Must Be Corrected There

But Matt is not the only Wheel of Fortune player to have committed an embarrassing error. Since the show’s debut in 1975, there have been a number of noteworthy missteps. Contestant Kevin in 2017 as he approached the word puzzle. In the play’s name, “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE,” he just had to complete one letter. He whirled and was given the opportunity to choose a consonant. To the surprise and laughter of everybody, Kevin decided to make the word: Naked. Naturally, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE was the response.

Lolita McAuley, a native of Sacramento, California, was taking part in a speed round in 2009. This implies that following each interval of time, the letters would appear at random on the board. Whoever buzzes and guesses the whole answer first wins. The category was “Thing,” and Lolita had to deal with this: S_LF-PO_T_ _ _T. At this, McAuley buzzed and responded, “SELF-POTATO.” Once more, a perplexing yet hilarious response. SELF-POTRAIT was the right response.

After a number of fortunate spins, University of Indiana student Julian was on course to win $1 million more recently, in 2014. In an exclusive version intended for university students, all he had to do was say, “mythological hero Achilles.” Unfortunately, he mispronounced it; it should have been pronounced “AH-kil-ies,” not “AY-chill-es.” Next, he needed to complete the blank: “WORLD’S FASTEST A.” Here, he selected “c” even though “man” was the last word. Finally, he had to predict “On-the-spot decision” when he got to the “things” section. His worst mistake was guessing “On-the-spot dicespin.”

Do you believe that Matt’s error was as serious as these ones now? Tell us in the comments below!

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Most likely the worst guess in Wheel of Fortune history is this one
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