Julia Roberts: Embracing her well-deserved vacation

The gorgeous Julia Roberts will always be the Pretty Woman we all fall in love with, regardless of how much time has passed since the release of the legendary film that won over millions of hearts.

Despite what some may think of her appearance, the 56-year-old actress still appears young. She accepts her looks and is all for natural aging, to start.

The adored Hollywood legend has lately been seen taking a well-earned holiday.

Although Roberts has put on a few pounds, as many have noted, we can’t help but think that the adage “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” is completely true when it comes to her.

One of the reasons we all adore Roberts so much is that, despite carrying a few extra pounds, she doesn’t hesitate to wear a bikini.

Naturally, opinions on Robert’s most recent images vary. Some claim she’s changed, but others think she looks amazing for her age—or really, any age—anyway.

Her admirers never waver and serve as a reminder that inner beauty can sometimes exist alongside outer beauty.

Roberts has been blissfully married to Daniel Moder for the past 20 years. Moder was married to Vera Steimberg at the time of their first encounter on the set of The Mexican in 2000. Although the actress from Runaway Bride insisted she had nothing to do with Moder and Steimberg’s divorce, there were rumors that his first marriage ended because of her.

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Julia Roberts: Embracing her well-deserved vacation
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