If You Find a Roll of Toilet Paper in Your Fridge, Here’s What It Means

The abundance of practical life hacks, ideas, insights, and knowledge that the internet has provided is one of my favorite things among all the fantastic things that it has brought us. The days of depending just on our parents and grandparents to impart their wisdom on do-it-yourself projects are long gone. These days, all it takes to find a wealth of useful knowledge to improve our life is a few clicks.

And what do you know? We’ve discovered a brand-new home hack that we were previously unaware of. It has to do with an odd combination of your refrigerator and toilet paper. Interesting, huh? So let’s get started and learn more.


Why anyone would want to store a roll of toilet paper in their refrigerator may be on your mind. Although it looks strange, there is a very reasonable explanation for it. Your life can be improved in ways you never would have imagined with one little tip.

Have you ever been annoyed when a toilet paper roll breaks in the middle of using it? It is, to put it mildly, untidy and irritating. Well, you can avoid this by keeping your toilet paper in the refrigerator. The toilet paper’s fibers are actually strengthened by the cold, making it more resilient and unlikely to shred. That way, when you reach for a piece again, it will be whole and usable.

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If You Find a Roll of Toilet Paper in Your Fridge, Here’s What It Means
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