They Do Exist!

As children, many of us harbored whimsical dreams of our beloved stuffed animals magically springing to life, envisioning them as the perfect companions, endearingly cute, endlessly cuddly, and irresistibly soft. Now, prepare to witness a semblance of those childhood fantasies materialize before your very eyes: behold the emergence of a brand-new feline breed, the Poodle Cats.

Poodle Cats, you ask? Fear not, for despite their name, these felines are not the result of a peculiar feline-canine crossbreeding experiment. Their true identity lies in the breed known as the Selkirk Rex, a delightful cat adorned with luxuriantly curled fur, affectionately dubbed “a cat in sheep’s clothing” by experts at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.

Picture the Selkirk Rex as akin to Cinderella, an ordinary stray cat, until a serendipitous twist of fate bestowed upon her a coat of uniquely curled whiskers and fur. Jeri Newman, a discerning Persian cat breeder, spotted her distinctive allure while she languished in a shelter and promptly christened her “Miss DePesto”, a homage to the curly-haired secretary from the TV series “Moonlighting”.

While the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex boast genes for curly fur, the Selkirk Rex stands out as the first naturally occurring breed with dominant curly-haired traits. Miss DePesto’s progeny confirmed this, as three out of six kittens inherited her signature curls, solidifying the Selkirk Rex’s status as a bona fide breed.

Identifying a curly-coated kitten amidst a litter can prove challenging, but fret not; simply observe their curled whiskers from birth, the telltale sign of a future Poodle Cat.

Described by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) as robust and affectionate, Selkirks make superb companions, renowned for their tolerance and patience. Nevertheless, caring for these curly-coated darlings requires a slight adjustment:

Less frequent brushing is recommended to preserve their curls, irrespective of hair length. Opt for grooming products tailored for their distinctive coats, steering clear of fur-coating shampoos. Embrace their charmingly “disheveled” appearance, those natural curls are their crowning glory. Prepare to be smitten by their affectionate demeanor and lively antics, but be forewarned: investing in a Selkirk comes at a price, ranging from $500 to $800 per kitten.

However, prospective owners with allergies should exercise caution, as Selkirks are not hypoallergenic like their namesake canines and may trigger sensitivities.

If your childhood reveries involved your teddy bear coming to life as your cherished companion, rejoice! Contact a reputable breeder today and welcome one of these enchanting, curly-coated creatures into your home. You’ll find that the joy they bring far surpasses any childhood dream.

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