The kind boy saved the injured puppy from the heavy traffic

There are people who can ignore the ones in need. But there are also the kind ones who have so much love in them to help others and do the best for them.

Such a clever and good-natured person was 11 years old boy named Jean from Brazil. He turned to be so brave and pitiful to save the poor dog who appeared in the center of the road being wounded and weak.

The lovely boy was walking down the street when he suddenly noticed the injured dog in the middle of the road. It was clear someone hit him and ran away. So the sweet boy rushed to him and tried to help him. He stopped the traffic and took the poor animal from there. The wonderful act wasn’t unnoticed. Several people even made some pics and shared them on the social media.

Jean became the star of the Internet. Everyone was delighted in him and wrote words of appreciation. Jean’s mother was asked about her son’s courageous did and she proudly answered that it was common for him to do such kind acts. She said that Jean is a great animal lover and he showed his kindness to everone who needed it since his childhood.

The miserable dog who needed help was taken to local shelter where he was given a medical treatment. Soon he gained health and was healed from all the injuries. So due to the boy’s bold and incredible act he was saved and protected.

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The kind boy saved the injured puppy from the heavy traffic
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